Hey there! Eager to join Post Echo are you? Well, we're eager to have you, no doubt! We're currently seeking all kinds of players that are up for dungeons, raids, events, and a whole lot of fun!

We only have a few ground rules here in Post Echo. First off, you must be 16+ to join. We apologize if this immediately rules you out, but we're simply looking for mature players! Another rule is, respect each other. This means respecting each other's views, and not saying things that would offend anyone individually (racist remarks, sexual jokes, none of that please). Another rule is, have fun! Fun will always be our priority with Post Echo, but we only ask that you follow our very simple rules, otherwise there will be consequences.

Know your team - Bon Iveris the leader of the FC / LS. Be warned - he'll probably make your dungeon group a whole lot harder (be cautious when inviting Bon to your group). Jacques Bluesky is the 2nd In Command, and is also Bon's brother. He's in charge when Bon's not around, and also having as much authority in decision making as Bon does.

Our officer team consists of members that serve a great purpose in the FC - maintaining our order, enforcing our rules, and helping Bon do his job.

If you're interested in joining Post Echo, everyone is welcome. PS3 or PC, Bard or Dragoon, Elzen or Hyur… Whatever your console, job or race, you'll always have a spot here in FC! - Simply fill out the recruitment form on this page and we'll invite you once we've reviewed your request. Alternatively, you can whisper Bon Iver in-game, or find another member and ask them!

Thanks, and have a lovely day!
- Bon Iver, Leader
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